B-Roll And Photos: SHELL floats hull for world’s largest floating facility

The 488 metre long hull of Shell’s Prelude floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) plant has been floated out of the dry dock at the Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) yard in Geoje, South Korea, where it is currently under construction.

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B-Roll Prelude FLNG: Full Hull Launch

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(TRT: 4:43, 16:9, No Audio, Bitrate: 26mbps, Size: 259MB, 1280x720@25p, ProRes, Shot November 30 2013)

B-Roll Shell Prelude FLNG

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(TRT: 4:43, 16:9, Stereo, Bitrate: 89mbps, Size: 815MB, 1920x1080@25p, ProRes, Shot May 2011)

Photos Shell Prelude FLNG
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(JPEG, shot November 30 2013)

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